Do you want to have fun with traditional photography techniques? Then Cyanotype Processing could be for you. This method doesn’t require a vast amount of equipment, and it’s quick and fun.

The only requirements for Cyanotype Processing are sunlight and water. All you need to do it take an object like a leaf; then place it on top of the Sola paper. After this, cover it with a clear piece of glass or plastic and leave it in the sun for a few minutes. Then voila- a new image!

Sola paper is a fun and creative technique for young children.

This product is ideal for children, whether demonstrated at a school or playgroup, because it contains no chemicals. You can even be creative and use old photographs. Although the technique is very simple, to children it will look like magic, and show them one of the earliest forms of photography.

It also great for photography courses that demonstrate traditional techniques. This one of the earliest methods of photography in the world.

RK Photograph have been selling Sola papers for many years, and customers have always been wowed by the results. We have Sun Paper in a number of different colours, including violet, blue, green, pink, orange, and packs of mixed colour.

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