If you are a digital photographer you will no doubt know how many different choices of inkjet paper there are to choose from and it can be difficult knowing which is the best for your own requirements.

One of our most popular sellers has to be our Sihl inkjet paper, it never fails to provide superb results and you can tell from feel how good quality this paper really is. What's even better is that the Sihl range won't hurt your budget too much either as it's certainly one of the more affordable ranges whilst not compromising on quality.

There are different variants to the Sihl range depending on your own requirements and we have the following available -

  • Sihl P3 Silky
  • Sihl P3 Glossy
  • Sihl P3 Baryte
  • Sihl P3 Double Sided Silky
  • Sihl P3 Canvas Paper
  • Sihl Photo Book

Please feel free to browse through our entire range of Sihl inkjet paper and you can also compare the range to our other types of inkjet paper we have available for affordability and quality.

If you need any assistance or help on selecting the correct inkjet paper for you then don't hesitate to contact us on 01707 643 953.