Have you ever been disappointed with the results of home printing? A majority of inkjet papers can produce photographs just as good as a chemist’s. But it’s important that you also have high quality inkjet paper. Unfortunately, ordinary paper simply doesn’t work for this type of printing.

Are you looking to purchase the best inkjet paper?

You can’t go wrong with our huge range at RK Photographic. We have a number of leading brands to guarantee quality printing, including Fotospeed, Harman, Canson, Awagami, Permajet, Epson, St Cuthbert’s Mill and many more. You can both order online or visit our store where you can see printed samples.

One of the most respected brands of inkjet paper are Fotospeed, an award winning and extremely popular type of paper.

Fotospeed’s Signature Range are famous for producing incredible prints and are considered to have set the bar in the genre. Photographers praise these papers as capturing all the details, highlights and shadows of their pictures, and being fabulous tool for the end-process of printing photographs. A successful and diverse range of photographers use Fotospeed Signature Inkjet Papers, which can be purchased on RK Photographic. 

With these papers, you’ll experience a wide colour gamut, deeper blacks and excellent image sharpness.

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