If you've purchased low quality inkjet paper in the past, then you'll know that this does no favours for you when you're looking to create professional photographic printed images. RK Photographic  make it easy for you to get the best inkjet paper for photographers. They ensure that they only provide the highest quality for a varying range of budgets and personal tastes. Some of the most popular inkjet paper ranges include the Fotospeed, Sihl, Epson, Canon, Ilford Galerie. For all of the above, you'll be able to find descriptions of the paper supplied and prices which are as competitive as possible on their website at www.thedarkroom.co.uk

If you need help and guidance in quality inkjet paper, then this is the site for you. RK Photographic was founded over 25 years ago by Roy Knichel and his father Frank, who together have over 80 years experience in the photography and darkroom business. RK Photographic's London showroom is the darkroom users' "Aladdin's Cave." There is a vast array of new and used equipment under one roof. Whether you are a professional photographer or an amateur, keen to make your first print, RK Photographic is the place for you.

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