Searching for a website which sells inkjet paper?

Sadly, nowadays, many images don’t make it into print- all too often they remain digitally stored in a computer instead. So when they are printed, you want to ensure they look as stunning as possible. Choosing the right paper is vital if you’re printing images yourself. Printing is an art and a science, where the materials are as important as the method.

At RK Photographic we sell a range of digital printing products, including inkjet paper.

When choosing this type of paper, it’s important to pick the right paper for the results you’re looking for. We sell a wide range of inkjet papers from leading brands, such as Awagami, Canson, Fotospeed, Harman, Sihl, St Cuthbert’s Mill, Epson, Ilford, Permajet and Tetenal Spectre Jet.

RK Photographic frequently have offers on this type of paper, so you can receive the most competitive prices.

Our Hahnemühle Fine Art paper is currently down from £180 to a special price of £147.50. This 100% cellulose paper sets the benchmark for high colour depth, large colour gamut and image definition, and is guaranteed to give the ‘wow’ factor.

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