As a busy photographer, you probably find it difficult to make time to shop for your processing materials. Buying online is the perfect solution and at you can browse at any time of the day or night. Unlike brick and mortar shops, their website is always open for business. RK Photographic sell a wide range of darkroom equipment and are a company with an excellent reputation for quality and service. They stock basic equipment such as developing trays or measuring graduates, through to enlargers, lighting equipment, developing tanks, micro focus finders and contact proof printers.

All You Need For Your Darkroom In One Place

Whatever you need for your darkroom RK Photographic can deliver it to you speedily.  They take all major credit cards and if you live close enough to their shop, you can even collect your items yourself. If you aren’t happy with your equipment you can return it within 14 days and they will refund your money. If the item they have sent to you is incorrect, they will also refund your postage costs. As well as quality darkroom equipment, you can also buy Ilford film and paper online.  Conveniently, if they don’t have the particular item you want in stock, they promise to get hold of it within 48 hours. To view quality darkroom equipment online visit