Need an eye-catching landing pad for your drone? Want to avoid a crash landing with your device?

Drone photography is viewed by many as ‘the next best thing’ but it’s more than just a fad. It can lead to breath-taking aerial pictures of landscapes and cityscapes, which are the type of photos that sell like hot cakes.  

At RK Photographic, we have a range of bright orange landing pads which can easily be seen from the air. Any manned aircraft in the area will know there’s a drone about with this pad. It has black helicopter markings and an 8 lb Zinc coated perimeter cable weight, that keeps the Drone Launch Pad in place without stakes.

Extremely easy to set up, this drone landing pad comes with a handy carry case. When released from its case, the pad springs into shape. It also has rust proof components that can easily be cleaned.

Along with drone landing pads, we also have aviator hoods, control belts, and aviator hood extenders. We can prepare you for a summer of epic drone photography. Get ready to capture those melting sunsets, the ocean at first light and bright yellow fields against a bright blue sky.