Finding the right inkjet paper can feel time consuming, with such a huge range of brand names to choose from; but if you’re a fan of creative prints, you can’t go wrong with high quality Fotospeed paper.

This brand benefits from over 35 years of technical experience, and inspires photographers all over the world, from the UK to America.

Why choose Fotospeed paper for your printing?

Fotospeed inkjet paper is celebrated for its image quality, which is all down to its coating performance, weight and feel; it also offers exceptional longevity for all your prints.  

Whether you’re planning on taking plenty of colourful pictures this Christmas, or have a big event happening in 2017, you won’t have to print everything off at the chemists.

All our inkjet papers can be purchased on RK Photographic, including Fotospeed’s award-winning PF Lustre 275 inkjet papers. Among our range is Fotospeed EG High White Smooth, which is the ultimate in digital art quality paper.

We also have a huge range of accessories that are perfect for budding photographers this Christmas. Explore our range of inkjet paper.