Monitor hoods reduce glare and therefore improve your shooting experience. Shielding unwanted light from your monitor, they’re especially useful in the summer time. You’re much more likely to get the colours you want when using a monitor hood.

Why choose Hoodman Monitor Hoods?

Hoodman are an American imaging company that produce many clever accessories to improve the end results of your photographs. Manufacturing inspired imaging tools, this company have grown to be a dominant force in the industry.

The company were the first to offer a lens cleaning solutions with non-toxic qualities, which is sold in convenient wet/dry packets; Hoodman have also created the fasted memory cards on the market.

At RK Photographic we sell a number of Hoodman products, including HD monitor hoods. On our website you’ll also find a custom finder kit, drone landing pad, and a number of other Hoodman accessories.

If you’re a retailer we also offer a trade price list.

Why not browse our range of Hoodman products today?