Do you need a landing pad, so your drone can land safely?

Although originally used for military use, drones are increasingly popular in the world of photography, especially since many come installed with a camera. They are increasingly revolutionising aerial photography. In particular, they are excellent for covering big events from the air, whether it’s sports games or fireworks.

Contrary to popular belief, drones are not hard to control; however, launching and landing drones can be tricky. It’s also important to alert others to the fact you’re flying a drone, or it could be dangerous.

A landing pad is essential for preventing dirt kicking up on the lens, as the last thing you need is a grubby camera when taking aerial pictures.

Drone launch pads that can be seen from the air.

At RK Photographic we have many accessories for drones, including a 5 Foot Landing Pad. This Launch and Land Pad will keep your camera clean during take-off and landing. With its 5-foot diameter and bright orange colour, it will also alert pilots of manned aircraft that there’s a drone is around.

This 5-foot landing pad also comes with a carry case, for easy transportation.