Do you have a drone with an in-built camera? Are you looking for accessories to help you shoot amazing pictures?

Drone photography is ‘the next best thing’ but is likely to be more than a passing fad. It is increasingly popular for big events like weddings, where you want something sky-high pictures of your guests. It is a popular way to photograph landscapes and views of the ocean.

If you have a drone, you could be opening up a whole new world of exciting pictures. 

A landing pad will protect your camera when you’re launching and landing your drone. Keeping your camera lens completely clean, it will be clear to take astounding pictures. It will also protect the rotors from tall grass and pebble strikes.

At RK Photographic we have landing pads in two different diameters: 3 foot and 5 foot.

Our 3 Foot Diameter Landing Pad is bright orange and therefore extremely eye-catching. It easily springs into shape once let out of its carry case. 

Its rustproof components can easily be cleaned with a towel.

Find out more about our 3 Foot Drone Landing Pad.