Welcome to RK Photographic, we are proud to be the a leading online photographic shop where we supply everything you will need whether you are a casual or professional photographer. We are a family run company with over 80 years of experience within the photography business and this knowledge makes us perfectly placed to assist you. We make sure we only supply the highest quality of products through our online shop. Through our website you have access to the following range of products -
  • Traditional - If you love creating photography in a darkroom then we have all of the equipment you will need to produce the most fantastic results.
  • Digital - For digital photography we have everything you need from the correct inkjet paper through to the perfect finishing products.
  • Studio - If you have a professional photography studio then we can supply you with the correct lighting equipment, backgrounds, bulbs and further studio accessories.
  • Bags, Tripods & Straps - Whether you need a bag to protect your camera through to tripods to create the best photography results you can find all the highest of quality products here.
  • Presentation Equipment - Our presentation equipment includes superb frames, albums and mounting equipment. Training Books & DVDs - whether you are a beginner in the photography world or a professional you will find a wealth of helpful information from our training books and DVDs.
We hope you have found the above information helpful and remember us when you ever need quality photographic equipment. If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to get in touch through our online contact form and we will be able to assist you further. For further information on the products we offer then please read our previous article : Traditional Darkroom Equipment