Before you film any project this summer, it’s important you have the right accessories.

Monitor hoods are a simple, but invaluable tool, for viewing a camcorder LCD screen outside. Reducing screen glare, it means you can properly see precisely what you’re doing, at any time of day. On sunny days this is often particularly difficult. But if you’re filming a wedding or prom, the last thing you want is poorly shot videos.

They are also a way to view your computer screen without glare. This will enable you to edit images with better clarity and accuracy.

If you need a Hoodman Monitor Hood, check out the range at RK Photographic. A veritable Aladdin’s Cave for photographers, we sell both traditional and digital equipment. This includes an extensive range of Hoodman equipment, including Eye Caps, Hoodloupe and accessories, DSLR Live View/Video Loupe kits, Camcorder Hoods and Optics, Broadcast equipment, and various other accessories, including Laptop Hoods.

These camcorder hoods are constructed of a Cordura nylon casing sewn over plastic inserts, allowing hoods to fold flat and be water resistant. Mounting is by elastic straps or Velcro. 

Founded over 25 years ago, we love helping photographers and videographers of all levels. To check out our Hoodman range, simply click here.