If you’re hugely into photography, you can get some amazing shots in December. The festive period is full of beautiful sights, from the sunlight glimmering off snow, to the dazzling lights of London during the festive shopping season. The only problem at this time of year is the lack of light, and the winter sunlight causing glare.

Do you want to shield your monitor from glare? Then the best thing to do is use a screen hood.

At RK Photographic we have plenty of digital camera accessories, including screen hoods, that make excellent Christmas presents for photographers, whether they’re a novice or expert. 

Our Kaiser Monitor Glare Shield is a brilliant screen hood for digital compacts with a 3.0’’ screen. This digital screen hood shields lateral and angular incidence of light from the LCD monitor, and improves the visibility of the monitor image. It offers excellent ease of operation, with a glare shield that flips up.

It comes supplied with 3 different adaptor plugs with two different thin screws, so you’ll have everything you need.

Whatever you want to buy a photographer for Christmas, RK Photographic have got you covered.

RK Photographic have everything you need for both digital and traditional photographers, including inkjet paper, studio equipment, straps and harnesses, heads and accessories, and much more.

Why not out our range of digital screen hoods?

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