Are you suffering from lacklustre home printing results?

If you’re trying to produce photographs at home, this can be doubly frustrating. After all, when producing prints of photographs, we all seek a smooth and sharp finish to rival that of a chemist’s.

With all the advancements in printing technology, it feels like a raw deal when your photos are second rate. Not to mention the waste of expensive ink. It’s highly frustrating having to thrown ink soaked prints into the bin if you’re on a budget.

If your printer is up to scratch, it’s possible you’re using the wrong paper. Quality inkjet paper is one of the most important aspects of home printing. This is because it’s perfectly designed to produce photographs, without the ink bleeding and slipping. In order to successfully produce photos using inkjet printers, one needs the sort of paper with the right degree of absorbency. Using poor quality, or the wrong type of paper, will cause ink to spread sideways.

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