Canon are one of the most well-known names in photography, and well-known for producing quality but affordable equipment. The brand has its roots in Japan where it was established in the 1930s; it was here that their first x-ray camera was manufactured in 1940.

Are you looking for accessories for your Canon SLR camera?

One of the most useful appendages is eyecups, which can significantly improve your viewing experience. Eyecups shield any stray light and can easily be fitted onto your camera.

If you’re looking to buy eyecups for a Canon camera, consider this Hoodman Eyecup for the Canon 1D MARK III and 1DS MARK III models. Comfortably sealing out any ambient light, this accessory has a self-locking mount to keep eyecups in place. It can also easily rotate to accommodate right and left eyed shooters. This product is made from hypoallergenic silicone rubber so won’t affect your eyes.

On RK Photographic you can buy this Canon Eyecup for only £22.99.

We also sell this new oversized eyecup for glasses and large eyes/make-up wears. Perfect for the rest of the Canon SLR line, it’s easy to mount and use. This product also costs only £22.99.

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