Whether you work for a college or have a private darkroom, RK Photographic have all the equipment you need for traditional photography.

We offer the best range of darkroom equipment imaginable, including enlargers, darkroom papers, aluminium bottles, powder jars, film cleaner, and even Cyanotype processing products. This is an extremely simple process that can nonetheless produce some magical results.

What do I need for Cyanotype processing?

To create a cyanotype picture, all you need is our RK Sunpaper/Sunfabric or Fotospeed Cyanotype Kit.

Our RK Sunfabric is available in a variety of different colours, including violet, orange, green, pink and blue. Made of 100% natural fibres, you can create a Cyanotype using pretty much any object: your child’s hand, leaves or flowers. Drawings are another brilliant idea for creating a print on the fabric. As long as they were printed on acetate or transparent paper, they will work beautifully.

Simply choose your design; expose your sun print for however long you like; then rinse until the water runs clear.

Our Blue Cyanotype Paper is a great place to start. For more about this process, take a look here.

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