Founded in 1986, the American brand Hoodman take first-hand advice from photographers and videographers at trade shows throughout the year, to get the inside track on creating useful, innovative products; this has led to them creating products like their drone hoods, which enable you to enjoy glare-free photography.


If you looking to purchase Hoodman Drone Hoods, RK Photographic have a range suitable for iPad Air and the iPhone 6 Plus.

Among our range of Hoodman drone hoods is this Drone Aviator Hood Kit that will mount on your iPhone 6. This hood is perfect for improved outdoor shooting and has a longer viewfinder hood for optimal glare-free iPad Mini viewing. It will also fit the iPhone 5, 5S and 5C.

Need a longer viewfinder hood?

We also have this Drone Aviator Hood Extender for the iPad Air 2, which is ideal for both photographers and videographers who need to seal out light. The overall distance from the iPad with the extender is 13". 

You can purchase this Hoodman Drone Hood on RK Photographic for only £65.99.

Why not browse our range of Hoodman Drone Hoods today?