One of the many amazing things about your iPhone or iPad? It can control a drone, as they often have smart phone synching capabilities. In fact, many drones are designed with your smart phone in mind.

However, your phone isn’t designed like a camera- it can therefore use a helping hand when you’re outdoors. Drones are expensive and the last thing you want to do is lose control because of glare on your iPhone.

Hoodman have designed innovative drone hoods, so controlling your drone is much more efficient.

iPhone drone hoods are a fantastic way to improve your viewing experience and enable you to fully control that drone.

Here at RK Photographic we have numerous accessories for drones, including hoods for iPhones and launch pads.  Our store also has drone hoods for the iPad mini and iPad Air.

Our drone hoods make a brilliant Christmas present for any iPhone user with a drone. Among our range of products is this Drone Aviator Hood for the iPhone 6 Plus/6S. This drone hood will improve your outdoor viewing, with a panel at the bottom for touchscreen access.

Want to know more? View our drone hoods for iPhones today.