Sweeping coastlines and rolling countryside can be photographed in all their splendour when you have a drone. Whether you want to get shots of a lighthouse at sunset, the ocean sparkling, or a wedding party, a drone is the way to do it. They are also ideal for capturing epic, cinematic videos.

Drone photography has soared (excuse the pun!) in popularity over the past few years.

At RK Photographic we have many drone products to help shooting clearer and easier, including the Extender Drone Hood for FPV Monitors. This is idea for photographers and videographers who want to reduce glare as much as possible. Its overall distance from monitor together with the HSGN is 13".

Take better pictures with your drone with our equipment.

Along with our drone hoods for FPV monitors, you’ll find plenty of other products for drones, including those controlled by a smart phone or iPad. These include landing pads, hoods for high definition monitors, belts for DJI controllers, aviator hood kits, and much more.

Everything you need for incredible aerial photographs this spring and summer.

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