Do you want to be able to see a screen without the sun obstructing your view? Why not take a look at our exceptional iPad drone hoods for your electronic today?

Here at RK Photographic, we have a wide selection of hoods for you to choose from. Whether you have an iPad Mini, Air or Air 2, we guarantee you will find the perfect hood for your iPad.

We believe you should be able to enjoy viewing outside without having to put up with the sun shining and blocking the view on your screen.  That is why we offer our hoods to avoid the hassles that come with the weather – rain or shine!

Our hoods come with adjustable straps that are designed to be placed onto your iPad as simply as possible. In addition to this, the hoods we provide come at a range of prices; ensuring you have a variety of hoods to choose from at a price affordable to you.

In addition to these, we also provide hoods for iPhones. This means that you can enjoy viewings from your mobile screen outdoors, without the need to worry about the sun blocking out your view.

To find out more about our services, you can give us a call on 01707 643953. Alternatively, you can email us at