An inexpensive alternative to purchasing a pro external monitor, a Hoodman monitor hood is an effective way of combating problems with outdoor screen viewing, such as interference from sunlight. Easily attachable to your device, each Hoodman hood comes complete with a full set of instructions. Once attached to your device, Hoodman hoods create a shaded viewing tunnel making screens easier to view even in the brightest light.

Invest in Quality

Established in 1986, the Hoodman Corporation has grown to be a dominant force in the development of innovative new products for the photo and video industry. Over five hundred dealers in the USA alone sell Hoodman products, with many more dealers around the world, making Hoodman products within your grasp. Their wide range of screen protecting products includes LCD hoods for a range of digital cameras and camcorders and they also produce laptop computer hoods. With over twenty-five year's industry experience, RK Photographic stock a wide range of Hoodman products and other photographic equipment. With both new and used stock available, they have something to suit every pocket, whether that pocket belongs to an amateur or a professional photographer. To browse RK Photographic's wide range of products visit the website today.