In the 21st century a lot of things have changed, including photography. Although we can now browse photos on phones and tablets, nothing beats having prints to hold and scrutinise. Giving a tangible feel to memories, they’re much easier to share and discuss.

People also often keep photographs in the family. There’s nothing like passing down your favourite photo of your grandmother. Prints are especially good for family albums or special events, like graduation. Printed photos can also be displayed anywhere in the home.

Do you want to leave costly prints behind? Fancy quality home printing? If you have an inkjet printer, it’s vital to have the right paper.

For an online inkjet paper supplier, look no further than RK Photographic.

We sell a huge range of quality paper, including our new range of SpectraJet. This brand offers special surfaces in a variety of heavier weights. Adding dimension and character to your prints, it’s more than just ordinary inkjet paper. Optimising the wide colour spectrum used by modern printers, images can be reproduced in astounding detail. Its surface properties also boast exceptional flatness and durability.

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