Want to produce stunning prints at home?

While computer technology has advanced in leaps and bounds, for some reason home printing remains problematic. Given the amount of photographic devices, from smart phones to digital cameras, it’s a surprise that home printing isn’t more popular. This is partly because people find it so tricky to get professional looking results.

When undergoing this process, it’s vital you use the right products and equipment. If done properly, home printing could save you both time and money. Imagine being able to print your favourite new picture instantly, from the comfort of your living room! In this day and age, that is definitely a luxury worth having.

At RK Photographic, we want to ensure your prints look 100% professional. That’s why our shops sells the leading brands of inkjet paper, to ensure images are clear and smudge-free.  Brands include Awagami, Canson, Fotospeed, Hahnemühle, Harman, Sihl, St Cuthbert’s Mill, Epson, Ilford, Permajet, and our new Spectra Jet Premium papers.

This type of paper will ensure prints don’t bleed, blur or run down the paper. To check out RK Photographic’s range, simply click here.

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