Want to take epic, sky-high pictures? Do you want more control over your drone photography?

Drone photography is currently one of the biggest crazes for photographers, and can produce some stunning results. However, it’s vital to have the right equipment if you want to achieve sharp images.

At RK Photographic we have a number of accessories for drones, including this Hoodman Drone Controller Support Belt. This product lets you mount your ground control station on a padded belt around your waist, providing a smooth hands-free operation.

The Hoodman Drone Controller Support relieves fatigue in the hands, fingers, neck and back, and distributes weight to torso muscle groups. In other words, it makes controlling a drone much easier. We have support for W 3DR, W Yuneec and DJI controllers.

RK Photographic have everything needed to enable you to take great drone photographs.

Although we were founded 25 years ago, RK Photographic always stay up to date with latest products in the world of photography.

Our other drone accessories include Aviator Hoods, Launch/Landing Pads and Aviator Hood Extenders.

Check out our range of drone accessories today.