One of the great things about being in the photography world is the amount of choice you get when you are looking to purchase particular products. However, we completely understand that with this amount of choice it can be difficult to know which are the best products for you.

If you love creating digital photography then no doubt you have wondered what are the best resources to purchase and we can provide help with choosing the right inkjet paper.

Through our website we have a choice of up to 608 different types of inkjet paper for you to choose from. All inkjet paper we supply is of the highest of quality, however, you need to consider which paper is best for the printer you have and also what type of printing results you are looking to achieve.

If you are a beginner within the field of photography then you may also want to checkout our training books and DVDs. You can purchase through our online store and these will provide a wealth of help to getting you started.

We are a family run business here at RK Photographic with over 80 years experience within photography so if you need any further help choosing the right inkjet paper then you can contact us on 01707 643 953.