‘Here comes the sun…,’ sang The Beatles. Fortunately, that does actually appear to be the case this weekend. The UK is due to have a heatwave over the next few days. Here at RK Photographic we can to help you make the most of the sun this summer.

Why not experiment with a traditional photography technique, that uses the sun?

If you want to use the sunshine and experiment with photography, we have everything you need, including a range of Sun Fabric, otherwise known as Sola Papers. These materials are used for a classic photography technique known as cyanotype processing.

All you need is the sunlight and water- that’s it. This is a really interesting and unique way to get an image, and enables you to be truly creative. You can choose any object with which to create a print, whether it’s jewellery, leaves or an old photograph.

You can have a unique record of the summer of 2016 with this creative way of producing prints. These cotton squares can be printed on both sides and are made of 100% natural fibres, so your prints will be archival.

Among our range are these Violet Sun Fabric Squares that can be printed on one or both sides. Discover more about our range of Sun Fabric today.