Digital photographs have made life much easier, but home printing still daunts many people. This is probably because the results are often so dubious. ‘Where did those lines come from?’ ‘I’m sure that picture wasn’t originally that colour…’

There’s no doubt, home printing of photographs can be tricky.

And it’s impossible to get it right, unless you have the right printer and inkjet paper. Plenty of people attempt printing on ordinary paper, at one point or another, and it never works. Why? Because such paper hasn’t got the right levels of absorbency, and isn’t designed for printing photographs.

Photographs are extremely ink-heavy and can easily bleed when the paper isn’t thick enough. 

If you’ve already got the right printer, then consider Fotospeed paper for all your needs. This brand is extremely popular with a range of professional photographers, with paper specially developed for its coatings performance, feel, weight and image quality.

At RK Photographic we sell a wide range of Fotospeed products, including everything you need for the perfect print. We also sell a range of refillable cartridges in every colour you need.

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