In today's modern age of digital photography, it's easy to forget that you can print photos too. While it is nice to enjoy digital images as wallpapers on computer desktops and smartphones, and even embrace the digital photo frame, there is still nothing like holding an actual photograph in your hands. If you are thinking about setting up your own darkroom, then you to need to make sure you have the right equipment and materials, and when it comes to finding the best darkroom materials supplier, we have everything you could possibly need. With over 80 years in darkroom experience, you don't need look any further!

Any good basic darkroom will need an enlarger, and there are different size enlarging lenses available, although some enlargers can handle different format negatives. You will also need an enlarger timer to make sure the prints are correctly exposed. An easel is required to hold the photographic paper during exposure, and you might want a contact printing frame as well.

Printing tongs and processing trays are other necessities which every darkroom needs to have. Four sets of tongs are recommended for the different processing stages – one per tray. You will need plenty of glass or plastic opaque brown or black airtight bottles for holding the processing solutions, plus graduates for mixing and measuring the solutions. Of course, no darkroom is complete without different processing solutions and high quality photographic paper, and you will find all of these essential supplies and more on our site.