Do you use your iPad to control your drone? Do you sometimes struggle to see the screen when outdoors?

Drones have been on the rise for many years now, but it’s only recently we’ve been able to connect them to devises like iPads. This is a fantastic capability but it also means using our smart phones or tablets like a remote control. When the light is poor this can be a real struggle.

Drones have come a long way since they were used purely for military use. They’re now one of the most popular ways to capture unique and often breath-taking pictures. Bizarrely, they’ve also been used to deliver pizzas and, by farmers, for aerial views of their crops.

They’ve also been used at weddings to capture idiosyncratic pictures. Nobody will miss out on any aspect of your wedding, when drones are covering all angles!

If you want to improve your viewing experience, our drone hoods will do the trick.

RK Photographic have a range of accessories for drones, including our iPad Drone Hoods. 

The HAV2 Aviator Hood.

Perfect for the iPad Air, this hood will vastly improve your outdoor viewing. It has a horizontal strap to prevent your devise from falling forward. It has two adjustable mounting straps make hood mounting quick and easy. 

Why not discover more about this drone hood today?