Planning on home printing your photographs this spring? If you’re thinking of stretching and framing a print, Fotospeed paper could be ideal.

Popular with a wide range of photographers, Fotospeed is a brand trusted by both darkroom and digital enthusiasts. They can add a whole new dimension to your image making.

The brand began by manufacturing chemicals for darkrooms and specialised in fine art printing. With 35 years of technical experience, they have gained a deep understanding of image making. As a result, they’ve developed an exceptional choice of inkjet papers.

Fotospeed have many specialist fine art papers, like these Fotospeed Canvas Matt Impressions. Made of 100% cotton acid free canvas, this paper’s traditional texture is perfect for stretching and framing.

Where can I buy Fotospeed Paper at highly competitive prices?

At RK Photographic we have a huge collection of inkjet papers sold at affordable prices. From soft textured papers to crisp, ultra-matte papers, you’ll find them all one our website.

We sell not only Fotospeed inkjet papers but Fotospeed Fine Grain Film Developer and Fixer. View our range of Fotospeed Papers.

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