These days, setting up a darkroom in your home doesn't have to cost a small fortune. After all, we're very much in the digital age of photography and few photographers seem to have the time or inclination to embrace traditional darkroom photography. Whilst this is a shame, it means that darkroom equipment is a lot more affordable than it once was.

Many people who want to set up a home darkroom head to RK Photographic. This established retailer sells a wide range of new and used darkroom equipment to meet your needs and your budget. The company has a showroom in Potters Bar in Hertfordshire, however, all of its products can also be purchased online via the website. 

A Wide Range of Darkroom Accessories

RK Photographic is renowned for its extensive range of high-quality darkroom accessories. The company sells everything from developing rods and hanger cages to glass powder jars and developing tanks. Whether you're completely new to darkroom photography and require a little help and advice to find the equipment you need or you're an experienced darkroom photographer, head to the RK Photographic website today. Call 01707 643953 to discuss your needs with one of the team.