Darkroom Equipment Shop

There's no getting round the fact that we're firmly in the digital age. As far as photography goes, this means that many people now use point-and-shoot digital cameras in order to take and view snaps in the quickest way possible. However, for those who want to stay close to the roots of photography – an art that dates back to the 1800s, darkroom photography is still favourite. There is a new way of doing things, but for many people this doesn't mean that the time-honoured process has become redundant. Many photographers shop online for traditional darkroom equipment in order to compare prices for the best deals. They can usually be found at www.thedarkroom.co.uk – the online home of RK Photographic.   


An Aladin's Cave of Darkroom Equipment

There isn't a great deal of darkroom equipment on the high street, when you visit The Darkroom you'll find a whole host of competitively-priced equipment. Whatever product you're looking for you'll find it here at the very best price. If you can't find what you need, or if you need expert advice about purchasing equipment for darkroom photography, get in touch with the RK Photographic team, which is made up of Roy Knichel and his father Frank. Between them they have over 80 years' experience in the darkroom business and are best-placed to answer your questions.