Do you need inkjet paper for your printer? Don't want to pay a small fortune for it? The head straight to The Dark Room – the online home of RK Photographic. It can be found at and is an Aladdin’s cave full to the rafters with inkjet paper perfect for printing your photos. Many people who want to print their photos make the mistake of feeding any old paper into their printers, but this is a huge mistake. Successful inkjet printing requires the paper to have exactly the right amount of absorbency in order to accept the ink whilst preventing its sideways spread. The finish of the paper will be important and which type you choose will be dependent on the results that you want to achieve in your photos. Gloss inkjet paper has a high shine and is rich and clear in colour, whereas matte inkjet paper has a velvety finish and is a great choice if you want your photos to appear under glass as the paper isn't reflective.

80 Years Combined Experience

RK Photographic was formed over 25 years ago by Roy Knichel and his father Frank. Together they sell a range of photographic equipment to both experienced and amateur photographers whilst offering up expert advice on all things photographic. Help and guidance come as standard when you shop at The Dark Room, and with over 80 years combined experience between them, they are certainly able to provide it – by the bucket-load!