Britain has had some spectacular weather recently that’s been fantastic for photographers. If you want to introduce a traditional technique to children or have fun with crafts this summer, when not have a play with Sun Paper?

Also known as Solar Prints, this is a traditional technique that requires nothing more than the sunshine, water and the fabric itself. It’s an excellent way to make the most of the weather.

Cyanotype processing was a popular technique in the early 20th century, and produces simple but beautiful silhouettes of objects. Whether it’s of a peacock feather, piece of jewellery or a pattern of leaves, the result is strikingly beautiful.   

RK Photographic also have Sun Fabric made of 100% silk, which is ideal for scarves, together with quilting, crafts and dress making.

RK Photographic have everything needed to experiment with Sun Prints.

Our Sun Fabric is available in a spectrum of colours, including green, violet, orange, pink, and a pack of mixed colours. Prices start from only £11.99 for a pack of 10 squares of fabric.

On RK Photographic you can also buy Cyanotype Sensitizer Solution that provides an updated version of the original solution.  Check out our range of Sun Fabric today.