Hoodman might not be one of the most well-known brands of photography manufacturers, but it is one of the most innovative, with a number of clever accessories to improve your shooting experience. 

Established in 1986, Hoodman always take inspiration directly from their customers, and frequently exhibit at photography tradeshows. They believe this gives them the inside track on what photographers are after. This company love bringing innovative products to the imaging industry to improve both professional and amateur’s experience.

This American camera brand create everything from drone aviator hoods to its famous Hoodloupe. This accessory fits most cameras which have a 3” screen, including Nikon, Sony and Canon cameras.

Make shooting much easier and reduce glare with Hoodman.

The Hoodman Hoodloupe is worn around your neck so you can view your LCD screen quickly. They can help you view your images glare-free, no matter the weather. Whether shooting a spectacular sunset or the sun setting over the sea, you’ll capture that perfect picture every time.

On RK Photographic you’ll also find their Hoodcrane, large eyecups, cinema straps, mounting straps, adaptors and much more.

Explore our range of Hoodman accessories today.

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