What can you buy the photographer that’s got everything?

If they love playing around with a drone, how about one of our Hoodman drone hoods?

Drones can be a great deal of fun but they can be difficult to control using your phone thanks to the glare from the sun. This is especially true in winter time when the light isn’t very good.

Which is where a Hoodman Drone Hood comes in. This accessory not only protects your smart phone from glare, but makes controlling the drone much easier.

Among our range of accessories is this Drone Aviator Hood which mounts to an iPhone 6 using elastic straps. It has a bottom panel with a cut-out port for touch screen access.

Why buy your camera accessories from RK Photographic?

RK Photographic has a massive range of equipment for both traditional and digital photographers, including darkroom accessories, at highly competitive prices.

Our traditional equipment includes accessories for both black and white, or colour photography, camera equipment, film and slide storage, and much more. We also sell equipment for studio-based photographers, including lights, bulbs, backgrounds, accessories, magnifiers and loupes, and more.

Have a great Christmas and take plenty of pics!