Nature offers us some incredible photo-opportunities at this time of year.

From autumn sunsets with slanted rays through trees, to bright leaves against silvery skies, for many photographers this is their favourite time of year. Part of the reason is the atmospheric play of light from the changing season, with dappled and translucent glows, fine mists and luminescent colours.

Obviously you want to do it justice, with sharp and striking compositions.                                                                                                                                   

A clear vision is absolutely essential when capturing any subject. When shooting outside one of the best tools are monitor hoods, which enable you to see exactly what you’re trying to capture.

If you’re fond of the Hoodman brand, you’ll find a wide range of their equipment at RK Photographic, along with a whole host of other bits and pieces to enhance your shooting experience.

We also have an extensive range of traditional equipment, for those who find solace in their darkroom during gloomy October evenings.

Postage is free on most items, which could make excellent Xmas present for any photography lover. If you don’t fancy shopping online, why not visit us at our London store? Details are to be found on our main site.