Light is a key aspect of photography. It’s not only the basis for the whole process, but can make or break an image. From a sunset over the ocean, to the moon at night, it’s important to get it right. However, while it’s vital to create images, too much light can be disruptive. That’s particularly true if you’re shooting outdoors.

It’s also vital to be comfortable while shooting. If not, images will end up shaky, blurred and you will miss the moment.

Do you want to comfortably seal out ambient light? Do you use Hoodman camera equipment?

If you’re looking to buy eyepieces online, head to RK Photographic. This product has a self-locking mount to keep it in place. Easy to attach, it screws on over an eyepiece thread. It’s also very easy to use, rotating right or light during shoots. It has a hypoallergenic silicon rubber eyecup, for those with sensitive eyes.

We also have a range of other Hoodman equipment, including Hoodloupe and accessories, camcorder optics, DSLR Live View, hoods and much more.

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