Summer is often the season for camcorders. People love to whip them out at BBQs, festivals, garden parties and weddings. Whether the footage is shaky or smooth, families love watching amateur videos in later years. From those first schools plays to ballet recitals, they often capture special moments that pass all too quickly. It somehow has a poignancy that professional videography lacks.

If you have a wedding coming up, a good camcorder will be of particular use. Nothing captures the atmosphere more accurately than a video, whether it’s couple’s first dance or the best man’s speech.

If you want a pocket cinema kit, consider buying a Hoodman Camcorder. As a trusted brand, Hoodman will ensure your footage is sharp, clear and colourful. When using this type of equipment, it’s important to have the right accessories. Why not head to RK Photographic, to get properly kitted out?

If filming outdoors, check out our Hoodman HD camcorder hood for LCD screen. Providing glare-free filming, no matter the weather, it will render your camcorder ready for any event. Water resistant, with an elastic strap mount system, filming will be easier, quicker and clearer.

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