Buy Darkroom Materials

When looking to buy darkroom materials and other photographic equipment it is essential that you deal with a company with the expertise and knowledge to ensure that you receive quality, affordable products to achieve that professional look and feel every time. 

RK Photographic is a family run business and has been in the industry for over 45 years.  With over 80 years combined experience in the darkroom business you are sure to receive the ultimate in photography assistance.

The dedicated team at RK Photographic are always willing to guide you through every step of photography.  From printing digitally to processing your photographs traditionally using silver halide, RK Photographic have a vast selection of materials available.  Should you wish to set up your own darkroom to process your photographs then RK Photographic will provide you with assistance and advice before you buy darkroom materials.

If you are a professional looking to update your equipment to an amateur starting out, RK Photographic is sure to have the ideal products.

For exceptional value for money on darkroom equipment or if you are printing your images digitally please browse the large selection of products on their easy to use website, or contact the friendly team on 01707 643953 before deciding to buy darkroom materials elsewhere.