What beats working in the secretive and magical world of a darkroom, during winter? You can escape the gloomy weather, and really immerse yourself in the development process. It’s also the perfect time to take some truly striking shots, making use of the atmospheric light of autumn.

Many people feel darkrooms bring them closer to the science and technicalities of the art. Meanwhile others like playing with exposure rates and watching prints develop.

Whether you’re a college student or highly experienced photographer, you’ll find everything you need at RK Photographic.

Our range of darkroom equipment includes cleaning, handling and anti-static equipment; enlargers; and a range of darkroom accessories, including aluminium bottles, winding gears, countdown timers, enlarging lamps and Winchester bottles.

RK Photographic also sell a huge digital accessories, including eyecups and loupes. We can also assist with home printing, thanks to an extensive range of quality inkjet paper.

Founded over 35 years ago, the RK Photographic team are keen to offer any advice you need. Buy online or visit us in store today.