For a photographer, is there any better refuge than the darkroom?

The calm hush of darkness, the smell of chemicals, the trays awaiting the magical appearance of your images.

Often it’s the place where photography students first learn about the science of photography. The place where they delight in watching pinhole camera images develop. Where they learn about exposure rates and the importance of light (and the lack of) in the development of photographs.

No matter how much photography evolves, the darkroom remains a sanctuary for many photographers, both professionals and amateurs.

Whether your darkroom is in a school, college or at home, you can buy a wide range of darkroom equipment at RK Photographic, including aluminium bottles, timers, glass powder jars, developing rods, tail clips, film hangers for different sized tanks, film loaders, stainless steel spirals, lens filters, multi-grade educational filters, professional masking frames, storages bottles, and much more.

All the bits and pieces you need to make great, traditional prints. So, whether you need supplies for your A Level students or have a darkroom at home, we can help. 

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