Christmas provides plenty of material for photographers at all levels, from novices to professionals.

Night shots are usually especially striking, at this time of year, with so many light displays around, whether it’s a burst of fireworks or fairy lights. You can achieve some wonderful effects with light, including a ‘starburst’ of light to make lights look truly striking.

Shooting at night time is obviously more difficult, however, requiring both a deft hand and the right levels of exposure, along with decent equipment. Newbie photographers often get frustrated when shots look either too dark, too bright, or way too blurred.

When snapping away in the evening, it’s much easier to use a tripod, as the slow shutter speed is too difficult for most hand-held cameras. It’s also best to use the ‘night’ setting on your camera, if it has one, (which most digital cameras do). So, switch to manual mode and choose the most narrow aperture speed for maximum results.

At RK Photographic we have everything you need for amazing results this December. From Hoodman equipment, such as camera loupes and video hoods, to traditional darkroom bits and pieces, you’ll find everything you need for professional looking images.

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