Preparing to land…

At RK Photographic, we have a range of quality equipment to help you launch and land your drone safely, including Hoodman drone landing pads.

A landing pad will protect rotors from grass and stones, while preventing dirt from sucking through motor bearings and causing premature motor failure.

It will also keep your camera lens clean when taking off and landing. The last thing you want is to have the drone up there, taking pictures, when the lenses is occluded by grass or dirt. You want the clarity to take detailed and stunning pictures that capture the world from above.

Like a helicopter, you’ll easily be able to land your drone, cleanly and safely.

This drone launch and landing pad is bright orange, with black helicopter markings and compass headings so it can easily be spotted. You’re never likely to lose this landing pad in the grass.

The Hoodman 3 Foot Launch Pad is easily collapsible and comes with a handy carry case for simple transport and storage. Because it springs into shape when released, it is also easy to set-up.

View our range of Hoodman drone landing pads.