So pinhole day is on the 28th!

From lo-tech to hi-tech, we at RK Photographic can help you get the best pinhole pictures around.

Darkroom: Film and paper pinholes.

First of all you can built your own. You can find plenty of videos on youtube showing you how and all you need is a light proof container to get started (like the Twiglet tubs you get at Christmas) and some black paint. As it turns out the black spray paint you can get in a Games Workshop to undercoat Warhammer figurines is ideal. 

You will need either negs or darkroom paper. Don't forget the Ilford Direct Positive paper which can be fun.

A very thorough set of intructions is available here on one of RK Photographic's favourite website (it is in alphabetical order so you will need to scroll down quite a bit).

We have also stubled across a fab site based in Leicester called Leicester Lo-Fi Photography and they do TONS of very useful documents. Apparently they do events etc and all sports beard. Just ignore links to retailers other than RK Photographic!

Option two, if you have cash to burn is to get a ready made one, like the Titan . I am afraid the new 5 x 4 pinhole camera from Ilford won't be ready in time for this year but as soon as it is, we will list it on

If you are lazy, you can go down the Lomography route and get a Holga with a pinhole lens. That's shot straight onto negs, either 35mm or 120mm depending on what you pick. And you can even do wide panorama pinhole shots.

The even lazier option is to get a pinhole lens for your digital slr. You can either make your own by drilling a super small hole in a body cap or you can get a camera specific one from Holga again.

But most of all, have fun!