Looking for cheap but quality inkjet paper for your photographs?

Here are 5 tips when choosing inkjet paper for prints.

  1. Consider the brightness of the paper. When it comes to printing photographs, you need bright white paper which will enhance the contrast.
  2. Decide which finish you would like: glossy, matte, pearl or lustre? At RK photographic
  3. we have a wide range of different inkjet papers, including a catalogue of Fotospeed products with both pearl and lustre papers available- these are those papers with a satin finish and a textured feel.
  4. Choose a paper with a higher density which is designed for heavier ink coatings. Although GSM (substance weight) doesn’t necessarily equal quality, a higher GSM is often appropriate for certain printing jobs. For inkjet paper, the thickness is usually measured in ‘mil’, with most inkjet papers ranging between 7-10.
  5. Are you after premium or budget papers? The final quality of your photographs will depend on the ‘receiving layer’ of the paper, which prevents smearing, fading and colour loss over time. Micro porous and nano porous coatings can offer some of the best results.
  6. Choose the right brand for your printer- our friendly team at RK Photographic can help you do this.

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